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Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Str. Teodor Mihali, Nr. 58-60 400591, Cluj Napoca, Romania
Tel: +40.264 41 86 52/3/4/5
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International scientific journal
Managerial challenges of the contemporary society

ISSN: 2069-4229
Frequency: bi-annual
Language: English

Monica Zaharie, PhD, Assistant professor
Corina Gavrea, PhD, Assistant professor
"Babes-Bolyai" University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

The international journal of Managerial challenges of the contemporary society is aimed to publish scientific articles in the fields of management, business, and economics.

The journal covers, but is not limited to the following topics:
Enterprise development
Innovation management
Change management
Human resource management
Knowledge management
Service management
Corporate governance
Labor management
Quality management
Strategic management
Project management
Production management
Management best practices
Agro-food and environmental economy

Journal's mission and policies are focused towards the further development of multiculturalism and the university's integration into the international education system. The journal is supported by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Babes-Bolyai University through the conference Managerial Challenges of the Contemporary Society. In this faculty students are taught in the latest, most attractive and demanded economic specializations at BA, MBA and PhD levels, in a competitive learning environment. Academics and practitioners are invited to submit manuscripts. The articles are double-blinded reviewed.

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