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Cristina Bota-Avram, Science Mapping of Digital Transformation in Business: A Bibliometric Analysis and Research Outlook, Springer, 2023
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Graduate Fellowship Program for PhD studies at Stony Brook University Department of Economics

Autor: Ovidiu Ioan Moisescu

Publicat: 15 Ianuarie 2023

Fellowship Mission

Stony Brook University Department of Economics is deeply committed to the recruitment and success of a diverse graduate student community. Thanks to the generosity of one of our economics PhD alumnae, we offer this Graduate Fellowship Program for qualified historically underrepresented students pursuing a doctoral degree in our economics program. Our mission is to empower Fellows to assume their roles and responsibilities as future leaders, educators, and researchers.

Fellowship Funding

✓ Stipend: $75,000 (over 5 years)+ regular funding $15,000 + $22,962= $37,962 annual stipend.
✓ Reduced Teaching: 2nd semester in 3rd year, 2nd semester in 4th year, full 5th year.
✓ Our Goal: We are committed to onboarding 15 new Diversity Fellows into our Ph.D. Program within the next 5 years.


According to the rankings provided by Times Higher Education, Stony Brook University is currently a top 350 worlwide university, both overall, and in the Business & Economics field.

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