Leading and Managing Innovation

The program offers an integrated view of leading and managing innovation that can help any executive create value in a world of innovation.

Apply By February 29, 2024
Start Date March 22, 2024
2 Days in Cluj Napoca
7 Days in Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Starts on
March 22, 2024
€ 9,950

Deploying agile innovation processes. Innovation technologies. Designing innovation processes. Experimental innovation mindset.

Starting with the fundamentals and culture of innovation, the program moves on to deploying agile innovation processes, frameworks, and technologies that enable innovation. It then develops the innovation strategy and manages innovation teams. The program is based on research that uncovers the fundamentals of innovation processes and provides access to outstanding case studies in innovation processes.

Key Benefits

When considering innovation processes in your industry,it is important to keep in mind the benefits that come with it.

First, it provides a clear understanding of the strategic drivers that contribute to success in this area. This helps in approaching innovation in a way that aligns with your organization’s broader goals.

Second, it allows for an analysis of the capabilities that your teams and organization require to support an innovation process. This aids in identifying gaps in your organization’s skill set and making informed decisions on resource allocation.

Third, it develops the ability to put agile innovation processes into practice. While challenging, with the right tools and strategies, you will be well-equipped to make it happen.

Last, you will build a personal portfolio of technologies that can be used in innovation processes in your industry. This provides a range of options to choose from as you work towards driving innovation and staying ahead of the competition.

Additional benefits of an international experience are available in the brochure.

Participant profile

If you are a leader or senior executive looking for developing a comprehensive perspective on how to lead in an innovative world, this program is for you. You will gain strategic understanding, organizational wisdom, and innovation-based capabilities.

For senior managers, this is a great opportunity to build your own leadership and innovation capabilities and develop personalized, actionable plans for innovation.

If you are a senior executive aiming to understand how to lead an innovation process and team, this program is perfect for you. Join us to gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

Applications Due February 29, 2024

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