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Latest News

We welcome submissions to the 1st Workshop on "Domain-specific Modeling Methods and Tools - OMiLAB Nodes experience & knowledge exchange" at BIR 2023, Ascoli Piceno, Italy.
Deadline: 06 August 2023

Past events

1st Knowledge Graph-focused workshop at CAISE 2023, Zaragoza, Spain.
Deadline: 07 March 2023

Enterprise Modeling Track at ECIS 2023, Kristiansand, Norway, during 11-16 June 2023


1. Didactic activities:
The main didactic activities supported by OMiLAB take place in the context of the English-language master program on Business Modeling and Distributed Computing and the Doctoral Program on Business Informatics, where several courses use OMiLAB methods, resources and technologies:

  • Research Methods
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Semantic Business Process Management
  • Internet of Things
  • Design and Implementation of Enterprise Modeling Tools
  • Enterprise and Business Process Modeling

2. Research topics / Dissertation topics
OMiLAB inspires several research topics that are tackled by our master or doctoral students (see our students’ publications) or by experienced researchers, occasionally in collaboration with OMiLAB nodes in other countries (see our joint publications). Some of the typical topics are:

  • The interplay between diagrammatic conceptual models and knowledge graphs
  • Ontology engineering
  • Domain-specific language engineering
  • Enterprise architecture modeling tools
  • Enterprise knowledge graphs
  • Semantic aspects of RPA
  • Semantic aspects of IoT
  • Semantics-driven digital innovation
  • Semantic business process management
  • Domain-specific language engineering
  • Education challenges in conceptual modeling and semantic technology
  • Requirements engineering
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