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Latest News

2nd Knowledge Graph-focused workshop at CAISE 2024, Limassol, Cyprus.

Past events

The BEE-UP Tutorial and presentation of teaching experiences in the Symposium on Conceptual Modeling Education at ER 2023 conference, Lisbon, Portugal.

The BEE-UP Tutorial was presented at MODELS 2023 conference, Vasteras, Sweden.

1st Workshop on "Domain-specific Modeling Methods and Tools - OMiLAB Nodes experience & knowledge exchange" at BIR 2023, Ascoli Piceno, Italy.
Deadline: 06 August 2023

1st Knowledge Graph-focused workshop at CAISE 2023, Zaragoza, Spain.
Deadline: 07 March 2023

Enterprise Modeling Track at ECIS 2023, Kristiansand, Norway, during 11-16 June 2023


Modeling Method for Agile Software Projects and Backlogs
This Modeling Method extends traditional modeling languages (BPMN, UML) as implemented by BEE-UP, proposing a domain specific modeling language to describe agile project backlogs while also offering basic interoperability with Jira.

Modeling Method for Managing Dependencies in Node.js Projects
This tool addresses the challenge of managing dependencies in the NPM and REST ecosystems, while also providing a specialized workflow model type as a process-centric view on a software project. The modeling method provides a diagrammatic means to managing module and API dependencies in a Node.js project and also supports generating REST API documentation and Node.js project configuration files that can be executed to install the graphically designed dependencies.

User Experience Modeling Method
This early-stage project focuses on a conceptualization of front-end user experience, capturing UI mini-flow patterns in the sense employed by RPA tools.

Data ETL Process Modeling Method
This is an example of a technology-specific modeling method tailored for an in-house technological environment dealing with ETL (extract-transform-load) processes involving heavy data management and orchestration tasks.

Modeling Method for Low-code PHP Development
This modeling method can be employed to develop an artifact that demonstrates the experimental “model-aware” software engineering methodology in the context of PHP Web development –a “low code” development approach with code templates generated from technology-specific models.

Diagrammatic Tool for Creating RDF Graphs
This project aims to build an ADOxx-based visual editor of RDF knowledge graphs, with an early stage draft capable of generating N-triples out of small diagrammatic examples.

BPMN Extension for Multi-Protocol Data Orchestration
The MULTIPROTOCOL modelling tool extends the BPMN implementation available in BEE-UP with executable REST and CoAP calls that can be run from the modeling tool.

Cooking Recipes Modeling Method
Our primary teaching case introducing to students modeling language design, model-driven engineering and Agile Modeling Method Engineering. The students are presented with a fictive case of a Food Establishment whose manager decides to apply a Knowledge Management strategy of capturing recipes in a diagrammatic form that implies new concepts to be added to a traditional control flow diagram type.

Enterknow – Enterprise-Aware Application Based on Hybrid and Formal Representation of Enterprise Knowledge
Experiments with a custom business process management approach that maintains the context of the process execution as hybrid knowledge bases made of RDF graphs that combine diagrammatic content from a domain-specific flavour of BPMN with Linked Data and OWL axioms.

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