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PhD Supervisors

PhD Studies in Economics and Business Administration

The PhD School of The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration coordinates PhD Programms for Romanian and foreign students in Economics and Business Administration. The PhD Supervisors have a broad experience in conducting scientific research and involving PhD students in multi and transdiciplinar research groups and projects. All PhD Supervisor have international experience and research stages at prestigious universities in Europe and US. Their gained research experience ensures a proper supervision on various subjects. Enrolling in the PhD Programms allow candidates to benefit from a very dynamic learning and research environment coupled with a state of the art learning environment and research infrastructure.

PhD Programms

All PhD Programms last normally three years. The PhD Schhol within the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration coordinates the following PhD Programms:

    1) Accounting (EN, FR, RO)
    2) Business Information Systems (EN, RO)
    3) Cybernetics and Statistics (EN, RO, FR)
    4) Economics (EN, RO)
    5) Finance (EN, RO)
    6) Management (EN, RO)
    7) Marketing (EN, GE, RO)

PhD Supervisors and languages for writing the PhD Thesis

In the eight PhD Programms of the PhD School within the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration candidates may write their PhD Thesis in the following languages: EN – English; FR – French; GE – German and RO – Romania. A PhD candidate should refer to one of the following PhD Supervisors:

1) Accounting:
- Prof. Adela Deaconu, PhD (adela.deaconu@econ.ubbcluj.ro) – EN, FR, RO
- Prof. Cristina Silvia Nistor, PhD (cristina.nistor@econ.ubbcluj.ro) – RO
- Prof. Adriana Tiron-Tudor, PhD (adriana.tiron@econ.ubbcluj.ro) – EN, RO

2) Business Information Systems:
- Prof. Robert-Andrei Buchmann, PhD (robert.buchmann@econ.ubbcluj.ro) – EN, RO
- Prof. Dimitris Karagiannis, PhD (dk@dke.univie.ac.at)
- Prof. Rodica-Ioana Lung, PhD (rodica.lung@econ.ubbcluj.ro)
- Prof. Daniel Mican, PhD (daniel.mican@econ.ubbcluj.ro) – EN, RO
- Prof. Gheorghe Cosmin Silaghi, PhD (gheorghe.silaghi@econ.ubbcluj.ro) – EN, RO
- Prof. Dan-Andrei Sitar-Tăut, PhD (dan.sitar@econ.ubbcluj.ro) – EN, RO
- Assoc. prof. Ioan Petri, PhD (ioan.petri@econ.ubbcluj.ro) – EN, RO

3) Cybernetics and Statistics:
- Prof. Cristian-Mihai Dragoș, PhD (cristian.dragos@econ.ubbcluj.ro) – RO, FR
- Prof. Dorina Lazăr, PhD (dorina.lazar@econ.ubbcluj.ro) – EN, RO
- Prof. Cristian Litan, PhD (cristian.litan@econ.ubbcluj.ro) – EN, RO
- Prof. Codruța Mare, PhD (codruta.mare@econ.ubbcluj.ro) – RO

4) Economics:
- Prof. Zsolt Sandor, PhD (zsolt.sandor@ubbcluj.ro) - EN, RO
- Prof. Ioana Cosmina Șchiopu, PhD (ioana.schiopu@esade.edu) - EN, RO
- Prof. Monica-Ioana Pop Silaghi, PhD (monica.pop@econ.ubbcluj.ro) – EN, RO

5) Finance:
- Prof. Monica Achim, PhD (monica.achim@econ.ubbcluj.ro) – EN, RO
- Prof. Cristina Ciumaș, PhD (cristina.ciumas@econ.ubbcluj.ro) – EN, RO
- Prof. Simona-Laura Dragoș, PhD (simona.dragos@econ.ubbcluj.ro) - EN, RO, FR
- Prof. Alexandru Todea, PhD (alexandru.todea@econ.ubbcluj.ro) – EN, RO
- Assoc. prof. Simona Nistor, PhD (simona.mutu@econ.ubbcluj.ro) - EN, RO
- Prof. Maria Miruna Pochea, PhD (miruna.pochea@econ.ubbcluj.ro) - EN, RO, FR
- *Prof. Ioan Bătrâncea, PhD (ioan.batrancea@econ.ubbcluj.ro) – EN, RO

6) Management:
- Prof. Răzvan-Liviu Nistor, PhD (razvan.nistor@econ.ubbcluj.ro) – EN, RO;
- Prof. Levente Szász, PhD (levente.szasz@econ.ubbcluj.ro) - EN, RO
- Prof. Monica-Aniela Zaharie, PhD (monica.zaharie@econ.ubbcluj.ro) - EN, RO
- Assoc. prof. Emil-Lucian Crișan, PhD (emil.crisan@econ.ubbcluj.ro) - EN, RO
- *Prof. Anca Borza, PhD (anca.borza@econ.ubbcluj.ro) – EN, RO
- *Prof. Liviu Ilieș, PhD (liviu.ilies@econ.ubbcluj.ro) – EN, RO

7) Marketing:
- Prof. Dan-Cristian Dabija, PhD (cristian.dabija@econ.ubbcluj.ro) – EN, GE, RO
- Prof. Ovidiu-Ioan Moisescu, PhD (ovidiu.moisescu@econ.ubbcluj.ro) – EN, RO
- Prof. Ciprian-Marcel Pop, PhD (marcel.pop@econ.ubbcluj.ro) – EN, RO
- Assoc. prof. Monika Anetta Alt, PhD (monika.alt@econ.ubbcluj.ro) – EN, RO
- *Prof. Ioan Plăiaș, PhD (ioan.plaias@econ.ubbcluj.ro), – EN, RO

* not able to accept new PhD students

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