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Admission to PhD Studies

Doctoral studies brochure

A successful candidate is expected to finish his PhD Studies within 3 years after enrollment in any PhD Program at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. However, a PhD student may interrupt his/her studies and in special situations may extend his PhD studies. Extensions might be subject to tuition fees. The Defense of the PhD Thesis is only possible if the candidate fulfils the scientific requirements expected in each PhD field. For general information and updates regarding the structure of the PhD Studies in Romania please refer to http://doctorat.ubbcluj.ro/eng/the-organization-of-the-doctoral-studies/

Technical criteria for admission

According to the country of residence a PhD Candidate has to fulfil the general rules of admission, according to the Romanian Legislation. A clear description of these rules is presented here: http://doctorat.ubbcluj.ro/eng/important-dates/. When registering for the admission contest, a PhD Candidate has to prepare specific documents, according to his country of residence. Please refer to http://doctorat.ubbcluj.ro/eng/documents-required-when-registering-for-the-admission-contest

Scientific criteria for admission at PhD Studies at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

After fulfilling the technical criteria for admission at the PhD Studies, a PhD Candidate has to contact a PhD Supervisor from the PhD School of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and establish a research subject. He also has to participate in the admission contest depending on the chosen PhD Program. When preparing for the admission contest, a PhD Candidate has to take into consideration:
- the admission topic for the preferred PhD Program;
- in case of equal grades, depending on the chosen PhD Program, there are different criteria for selecting a successful candidate.

The admission contest consists in a written exam from the admission topics (according to the chosen PhD Program) and an oral presentation (interview) of the PhD Candidate with the admission commission in each PhD Program.

Please be aware that each PhD Supervisor has only a limited number of new PhD positions.

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