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Joanna Dyczkowska , Andrea Szirmai Madarasine & Adriana Tiron-Tud or, Development of Integrated Reporting in the SME Sector, Case Studies from European Countries, Springer, 2021
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Conference on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Society (2nd Edition)

Autor: Ovidiu Ioan Moisescu

15 Iulie 2021 - 15 Iulie 2021

The Communication and Social Innovation Research Center (CORE) of the College of Political, Administrative, and Communication Sciences, in partnership with the Economic Informatics Research Centre (CCIE) at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Babeș-Bolyai University, invite you to submit papers for the second Conference on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Society, to be held onlineon the 15th of July 2021.

The conference represents an opportunity for early-stage researchers, academics, practitioners and consultants, with a focus on education, management and development of innovation and entrepreneurship in business, the public and private sectors, to bring theory and practice closer together.

Deadline for abstracts submissions: July 11, 2021

More details can be found in the attached file.

Call for papers Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Society 2021

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