Bachelor program in English (3 years; 6 semesters; 180 credits)


The program offers students various opportunities for developing skills in different areas of activities relevant to the contemporary business environment. It provides both a theoretical and a practical approach to the main business concepts for successful and effective management, familiarizing students with state-of-the-art concepts, methods and techniques from the management field. Students have the chance to develop essential abilities and competencies in managing the challenges faced by companies in the 21st century. Students can develop both general and specific competencies which give them the opportunity to perform in both managerial and non-managerial positions. The Management program is developed according to the main European and North American standards; consequently a graduate may easily continue studies in any national or international university.

Contents and structure

Considering its structure, the role of the program is threefold. Firstly, it includes a general approach of the economic environment through basic courses, secondly it brings an introductory perspective to management, and thirdly it details some very specific management subjects presenting various and important aspects of operations within companies. The first three semesters offer a broad and general perspective over the business principles and provide orientation for the last three, dedicated mainly to management topics. The last three semesters include various management courses, all related to different relevant business activities. They offer a more specific approach to management and develop competencies to plan, organize, lead, and control management activities in various economic sectors.

Career perspectives

The program includes a mandatory internship program which helps students develop a practical view over the business environment, the internship being flexible, while foreign companies based abroad can also be chosen for the internship, if required. The graduates are trained to perform in various jobs, in both managerial and non-managerial positions, in manufacturing or service companies or in public institutions. The program provides students with competencies and abilities needed to succeed on the labor market, possible jobs including: economist, management consultant, project manager, human resource manager, operations manager, quality manager, economic researcher in management, bank manager, logistics planner, customer service representative etc.

International perspectives

International perspectives are enhanced by the similarities with other curricula in universities around the world in the field of management. Thus, graduates have different opportunities to continue the studies, in management or in other business area. The program gives students opportunities to interact with people from different cultures and to develop better understanding of the global business environment. Also, there is a large number of Erasmus and other exchange programs available, creating opportunities for studying abroad. Moreover, professors from abroad are frequently invited to give lectures for the program’s students.

Contact person for the study program

Assoc. prof. Irina SALANȚĂ, PhD

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