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The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FSEGA) of the Babeș-Bolyai University (UBB) offers Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Accounting, Business Computer Science, Economics, Finance, Management, and Marketing, in Romanian, Hungarian, English, German, and French.

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Bachelor programs (3 years; 6 semesters; 180 credits)

  • Accounting and Management Information Systems (in Romanian, English and French)
  • Agrifood and Environmental Economics (in Romanian)
  • Business Administration (in German)
  • Business Computer Science (in Romanian and Hungarian)
  • Finance and Banking (in Romanian, English and Hungarian)
  • General Economics (in Romanian)
  • International Business and Economics (in Romanian and English)
  • Management (in Romanianm, English and Hungarian)
  • Marketing (in Romanian and Hungarian)
  • Statistics and Economic Forecasting (in Romanian)
  • The Economics of Commerce, Tourism and Services (in Romanian and Hungarian)

Master programs (2 years; 4 semesters; 120 credits)

  • Accounting and Organizations (in English)
  • Accounting Expertise and Audit (in Romanian)
  • Accounting Management, Audit and Control (in Romanian)
  • Agribusiness (in Romanian)
  • Banking and Capital Markets (in Romanian)
  • Business Administration in Tourism, Commerce and Services (in Romanian)
  • Business Management (in Hungarian)
  • Business Modeling and Distributed Computing (in English)
  • Corporate Finance-Insurance (in Romanian)
  • Corporate Financial Management (in Hungarian)
  • Decision Support Systems For Businesses (in Romanian)
  • Diagnosis and Valuation (in Romanian)
  • Digital Marketing (in Hungarian)
  • E-Business (in Romanian)
  • Econometrics and Applied Statistics (in Romanian)
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Administration (in Romanian and English)
  • European Funds Auditing and Financial Management (in Romanian)
  • Fiscal Policy (in Romanian)
  • Human Resources Management (in Romanian)
  • International Business (in Romanian)
  • International Business Management (in English)
  • International Management (in German)
  • Marketing Strategies and Policies (in Romanian)
  • Project Management and Valuation (in Romanian)
  • Sustainable Regional Development (in Romanian)

Information on study programs

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