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Joanna Dyczkowska , Andrea Szirmai Madarasine & Adriana Tiron-Tud or, Development of Integrated Reporting in the SME Sector, Case Studies from European Countries, Springer, 2021
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Balogh, Z.M. & Kristály, A. (In press) Mathematische Annalen [Q1]

Autor: Ovidiu Ioan Moisescu

Publicat: 20 Martie 2022

Balogh, Z.M. & Kristály, A. (In press) Sharp isoperimetric and Sobolev inequalities in spaces with nonnegative Ricci curvature. Mathematische Annalen.


✓ Publisher: Springer
✓ Categories: Mathematics
✓ Article Influence Score (AIS): 1.876 (2020) / Q1

Abstract: By using optimal mass transport theory we prove a sharp isoperimetric inequality in CD(0,N) metric measure spaces assuming an asymptotic volume growth at infinity. Our result extends recently proven isoperimetric inequalities for normed spaces and Riemannian manifolds to a nonsmooth framework. In the case of n-dimensional Riemannian manifolds with nonnegative Ricci curvature, we outline an alternative proof of the rigidity result of Brendle (Comm Pure Appl Math 2021:13717, 2021). As applications of the isoperimetric inequality, we establish Sobolev and Rayleigh-Faber-Krahn inequalities with explicit sharp constants in Riemannian manifolds with nonnegative Ricci curvature; here we use appropriate symmetrization techniques and optimal volume non-collapsing properties. The equality cases in the latter inequalities are also characterized by stating that sufficiently smooth, nonzero extremal functions exist if and only if the Riemannian manifold is isometric to the Euclidean space.

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