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Studii in limba engleza

Business Studies in English, set up and developed at both undergraduate and graduate level were considered to be an important strategic tool in order to obtain and sustain a competitive advantage on the local, regional and international market. The study line of Business Studies in English development is connected and related to the multicultural programs set up and promoted by our university, appropriate for the Romania as a new member state of the European Union.

It was established in the academic year 2006-2007 when more than 80 students started their studies in Business Administration, according with the Bologna process, for six semesters. In the same academic year, a first MBA program, for two semesters called Entrepreneurship and Business Management entered into force and, later on, it changed its duration for four semesters, accompanied by a second master in International Business Management.

Both levels of study have a curricula adapted to the most famous and prestigious universities around the world with a flexible learning process suitable for any potential student willing to study in our faculty. In the same time, we try to offer students the most practical approaches to the Romanian economic environment, in terms of globalization, competitiveness, legislation or business efficiency. The analysis of the Romanian economy is also related to the worldwide case studies which make our programs attractive to any student from abroad.


At present, the Business Studies in English line at undergraduate level has more than 240 students, out of which more than 10% are foreign students participating in different international exchange programs. We also have about 125 students enrolled in the masters programs in International Business Management and Entrepreneurship and Business Management. Our main goal for the future is to enlarge the English study line by increasing the number of students and also by developing new specializations if the market demands it.

For the first three semesters, the students will be thought the basic economic concepts on Micro/Macroeconomics, Statistics, Mathematics, Accounting, Management, Marketing or Finance. The second part of the undergraduate level - the last three semesters will be focus on one of the three specializations - Finance and Banking, Management and Accounting and Business Data Processing.

The basic compulsory courses, common for the first three semesters are:
  • Microeconomics
  • European Economy
  • Mathematics Applied in Economics
  • Management
  • Public Finance
  • Business Language: French, German, Italian or Spanish
  • Macroeconomics
  • Financial and Actuarial Mathematics
  • Basic Accounting
  • Computer Science
  • Statistics
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Accounting
  • Basic Marketing
  • Data Base and Programming
For the first three semesters we also offer two elective courses to be selected from two packages. Within these packages we have courses directly related to the business area like Business Ethics, World Economics or Introduction to Firm Management or others with a broad perspective over the society like Methodology of Scientific Research, Political Science, Logics or Institutional Community Law.

For the last three semesters we offer different courses according to the selected area of specialization (major)

  • For Finance the offered courses are: Banking Institutions and Monetary Mechanism, Financial Markets, Managerial Accounting, Financing Direct Investments, Financial Analysis, Econometrics, Budget and Public Treasury, Banking Marketing, Insurance, Accounting in Public Administration or International Finance, all like compulsory courses and other 3 packages with elective courses with specialized disciplines not only from the finance area, but also from other business areas directly connected to finance.

  • For Management the offered courses are: Production Management, Small Business, Service Management, Investment Management, Quality Assurance and Management, Labor Management, Operation Management, Logistics, Marketing Policies, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management or Supply Management. Also, we offer three packages for the elective courses, not only from the management area but also from other business segments - marketing, finance, accounting or computers.



    Starting with the academic year 2006-2007 we developed two master programs in Management, for four semesters, one on Entrepreneurship and Business Management, with more than 75 graduate students and, starting with the academic year 2007-2008 “International Business Management", in cooperation with an Italian university, from Castellanza. All the activities are completely held in English and therefore any potential English speaker will be able to attempt any of the courses.

    We think that our offer for the Business Studies in English line of study is a certainty and in the same time a warranty for achieving the strategic goals.

    The benefits will be mutual:
    - For the students more opportunities in having direct contacts with professors or students from other countries, more opportunities for exchanges on different ways, more chances in finding jobs, especially in the European enlarged space, but also in other parts of the world and for our faculty.
    - For the faculty, as we already have mentioned an opportunity to obtain and sustain a competitive advantage, with a lot of direct and indirect benefits.

    We consider that both specializations will offer clients the desired and needed abilities and competencies needed to be desirable on the labor force market, not only in Romania but anywhere around the world.


    The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is currently offering doctoral studies for foreign students in English language, in Management, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Economics and International Affairs, Cybernetics and Economic Data Processing.

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