Business Modeling and Distributed Computing

For details about the admission process:

International students should also check the admission instructions for foreign candidates:

Suggestions for the preparation of the admission essay/project proposal:

  • if you graduated an I.T.-related bachelor program you may use your bachelor thesis as a starting point; think about what you would add (in terms of components and technologies) if you’d continue working on that project for another 1-2 years, potentially with the purpose of building the master dissertation based on it;
  • if not, make a proposal related to your technological interest (e.g. cloud, mobile apps, process automation) or methodological interest (e.g. business process modeling, data analytics);
  • try to involve in your proposal ingredients that are related to the master program curriculum and argue why you picked those ingredients;
  • try to emphasize the potential beneficiaries and business benefits of your proposal;
  • try to bring forward any experience you already have with the ingredients/methods you mention in your proposal.
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