Business Modeling and Distributed Computing

This master program aims to foster a hybrid skill profile that we label as Digital Innovator & Engineer, which is being discussed across European universities as a profile that should be capable of integrating a technological/computational perspective with a conceptual/business analysis perspective - see this recent paper on education for digitalization.

The master program takes into account the multi-layered nature of the labor market and the different requirements raised by different types of companies and information systems – from IT and BP outsourcing, consultancy/advisory to start-ups and product developers or R&D projects.

Consequently, the master program develops three categories of competences: (a) Business Analysis and Process Improvement skills based on Business Process Modeling tools, Enterprise Architecture frameworks and Process Automation platforms; (b) Smart Systems engineering skills leveraging Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things; (c) Scientific Research competences for those who want to occupy positions in research projects or to pursue a doctoral degree.

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