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George Akerlof, Robert J. Shiller , La pescuit de fraieri, Publica, 2016
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Jean Monnet


The objective of the Jean Monnet Programme is to promote knowledge on European integration on a world-wide level. The Jean Monnet Programmes support measures provide a response to the need for knowledge about European integration and aim to prepare the new generation of European affairs specialists. In universities throughout the world, the goal is to give greater visibility, at both international and national levels, to scientific resources and academic activities in the field of European integration and European Union developments. In the framework of the Jean Monnet Programme, the term European integration studies is taken to mean the study of the construction of the European Community which led to the European Union in all its aspects.

Specific objectives

  • To stimulate teaching, research and reflection activities in the field of European integration studies
  • To support the existence of an appropriate range of institutions and associations focusing on issues relating to European integration and on education and training in a European perspective

    Operational objectives

  • To stimulate excellence in teaching, research and reflection in European integration studies in higher education institutions, within and outside the European Union
  • To enhance knowledge and awareness among specialists academics and among European citizens generally of issues relating to European integration
  • To support key European institutions dealing with issues relating to European integration
  • To support the existence of high-quality European associations and institutions active in the fields of education and training

    Cadre universitare:

  • Prof. Univ. Dr. Mihaela Lutas
  • Conf. Univ. Dr. Catalin Postelnicu
  • Asist. Drd. Sorin Calea
  • Asist. Drd. Andrei Mocan

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